Church Board
The Church Board is the policy-making body of the church. Headed by the pastor, the board consists of key department heads and the spiritual leadership of the church. The board meets monthly to consider financial and business matters, program proposals, and develop the master activity calendar. The board also formulates the strategic goals of the church. The major committees and departments are listed below. Leaders who serve on the board are noted by asterisk (*).
Members consist of the pastoral staff and local ordained elders. They focus on matters related to worship and the spiritual development/health of the church and congregation. All elders are board members. 

Church Clerk
This office maintains the records of the church and its members, including the membership roster, membership transfer requests, baby blessings, baptismal records, and minutes taken at board and church business meetings.

Headed by the church treasurer, the Treasury processes all funds collected at the weekly services, pays invoices, and prepares monthly financial statements for review by the Finance Committee and the Church Board. The treasurer works closely with the Finance Committee on all budget matters.

The deacons care for the church property; prepare for baptism, communion; assist with member visitation; care for the sick and poor; and serve as mentors to young males.

The deaconesses prepare for communion and baptism; assist with member visitation; care for the sick and poor; and serve as mentors for young ladies.

Fellowship Committee
This committee provides food service for monthly church luncheons as well as holiday and special events. Committee members also coordinate arrangements for visitors to enjoy a meal and fellowship after worship.

Health Ministries
This ministry’s sponsors the Better Living Center with the goal to promote optimal health and fitness among the members and surrounding Community. The committee plans medical, public health and dietary presentations. This committee sponsors neighborhood health fairs and workshops promoting health such as Reversing Diabetes, Life Long Weight Management, Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) and other seminars.

This committee rolls out the welcome mat each Sabbath, greeting members and friends. 

Interest Coordinator
This ministry follows up with visitors and attempts to nurture a relationship with them. 

Music Ministry
The musical ministry enhances the worship experience of its members. 

Much like the Boys and Girls Scouts, the Pathfinders Club trains junior youth in various disciplines that build character. Activities include camping, crafts, nature exploration, Bible study, witnessing, bike-a-thons, and field trips.

The Pathfinder Club is open to all youth ages 10 to 15 years of age.  For youth 15 to 18 years of age there are opportunities to participate as Leader In Training (LIT). The organization instills in youth the meaning of service to others, builds character for this life and the character they will carry to heaven. 

Immanuel Temple Pathfinder Club has joined with Elmhurst S.D.A. Church located on 98th and Thermal. The meetings are held usually on the first and third Sundays at 10:00 a.m. If you are interested in obtaining more information, please email Madeleine Nelson, director, at

Prayer Ministry
This ministry promotes the power of prayer in the life of the members, their extended families.  The prayer ministry conducts a prayer chain each morning.

Sabbath School
This is the instructional arm of the church, often referred to the “church at study.” The Sabbath School is committed to exploring biblical and doctrinal truth and showing how biblical principles can be practically applied to promote one’s spiritual growth. The Sabbath School offers classes and programs for all age groups.

Ushers maintain the orderly seating and exiting of worshipers and attend to their needs to enhance their worship experience.

Women's Ministries
This vital ministry fosters spiritual growth and renewal among women and cultivates interpersonal relationships. It focuses on building relationships, bonding and fellowship in the church family. 

Community Services
This department coordinates outreach programs that directly address human service needs in the community. These include homeless feeding programs, care for needy families, community Bible studies, visitations at local retirement homes.
Personal Ministries
This ministry provides the tools, resources and training necessary to empower members to become more effective personal evangelists and witnesses for the Lord. This ministry provides “How to Give A Bible Study” training and assist members in conducting Bible Studies with their families, neighbors and friends.